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HOWTO GeoServer

GeoServer is a commonly used application server providing webservices based on OGC standards. GeoServer provides a web interface to set up new services, including extended authorisation options.

GeoServer uses a concept of workspaces to cluster a series of collections. Each workspace in GeoServer is set up as a separate OGC API Features endpoint, e.g.{workspace}/ogc/features, although geoserver also has an endpoint with access to all collections from all workspaces.

This document lists 2 approaches to set up OGC API Features services in GeoServer. Both approaches can not be combined in a single GeoServer instance.

Dynamical setup

GeoServer can be dynamically configured to add new services. 2 approaches are described:

Via Web Administrator

This HOWTO describes how you can upload data and set up a new layer on GeoServer via the Web Administrator.

  • Most easy option to upload your data is to insert it into the PostGreSQL database using PGAdmin or QGIS DB manager.
  • Log in to GeoServer
  • From the Stores page, create a new store
  • Select type PostGIS (not jndi), fill the connection details
key value
host postgis
port 5432
database gis
schema public
user geopost
pw xxxxx
  • From the layers screen, create a new layer
  • Select the PostGreSQL store and select the relevant table
  • Fill in the various tabs (at least calculate the layer bounds)
  • Test the layer via layer preview

Via GeoCat Bridge

This HOWTO describes how you can use QGIS to setup a new layer on GeoServer. For QGIS a plugin called GeoCat Bridge is available which can publish a QGIS project as a workspace on GeoServer. The Bridge plugin is available via the plugins menu.

We prepared a small video about the steps involved.

Scripted setup

In a scripted setup the data folder of GeoServer is prepared locally and copied or mounted into the container as part of the deployment process. This setup is usefull when working with app-schema datasets ('complex GML'), which requires dedicated configuration which is not possible via the web administrator.

A helpfull tool here is Hale, which has an option to export a prepared data folder for geoserver, including the pre configured app-schema configuration