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OGC-API-Testbed Documentation

This documents the Geonovum OGC API Testbed Platform. Focus is on the Platform's design/setup, how it is provisioned (bootstrapped) and its continuous deployment/integration (CI/CD).

Initially, the main goal of the Platform is to experiment with, and evaluate various implementations of the OGC API Features (OAFeat) Standard. Given the generic nature of the Platform's web-services deployment architecture, additional services and OGC APIs may be added. The stable version of the Platform is provided as an Open Source GitHub Template, allowing any party to derive and customize their own.

Find a quick intro in the project README.

The documentation is split up as follows:

  • Setup describes the platform architecture and setup (admin manual)
  • HOWTO has a number of tutorials on how to operate the system (user manual)
  • Findings design choices, identified challenges and solutions
  • Cases contains some experiments performed on the platform, and may be extended to capture future outcomes of the testbed

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To access and interact with the (OGC web-) services, go to one of the two server instances: