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API Strategie Findings

The knowledge Platform API's has published a normative document on REST-API design rules. This document explains how you can set up an OGC API service respecting these rules.

ID Aspect Comment
API-01 Adhere to HTTP safety and idempotency semantics for operations
API-02 Do not maintain session state on the server
API-03 Only apply standard HTTP methods
API-04 Define interfaces in Dutch unless there is an official English glossary available
API-05 Use nouns to name resources Collections and items are user by name
API-06 Use nested URIs for child resources Items are children of collections
API-10 Model resource operations as a sub-resource or dedicated resource
API-16 Use OpenAPI Specification for documentation
API-17 Publish documentation in Dutch unless there is existing documentation in English
API-18 Include a deprecation schedule when publishing API changes
API-19 Schedule a fixed transition period for a new major API version
API-20 Include the major version number in the URI
API-48 Leave off trailing slashes from URIs
API-51 Publish OAS document at a standard location in JSON-format
API-53 Hide irrelevant implementation details
API-54 Use plural nouns to name collection resources
API-55 Publish a changelog for API changes between versions
API-56 Adhere to the Semantic Versioning model when releasing API changes
API-57 Return the full version number in a response header